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Anonymous asked: I try to put in effort in to make it work with this guy and sometimes he does too but the consistency just isn't there. So I'm trying to except the fact that some things just are meant to be but I can't see myself with anyone else nor do I feel safe with another man, I think it comes from the fact that I've known him for so long and have that trust in him but I don't know what I can't put that trust into someone else or why I can't open up or feel comfortable to other guys?


We are all works in progress.

I can honestly tell you my heart and mind are at a constant state of war, they are fighting over who I am and who I want to be. I like this girl but I also don’t really know what I want right now, like I want to be with her but I don’t know if I have the time or the know how to keep that flame afire. Its also hard for me to talk to people and she’s the only person I want to be with and I want to get to know her but I’m afraid that when she sees who I really am that she won’t want to see anymore. But I still try and I am still learning and growing and fighting with every fiber of my being to be more and to be the best person I can be.

Consistency comes with effort and comfort. Give it time, maybe somethings there, maybe there isn’t. Just remember to never stop fighting for yourself and for what you want. A person’s character is how they react when they stumble and it becomes hard to keep fighting. I can honestly tell you I stumble and set myself back all the time, but I still get back up and fight because I want more than consistency I want passion and fire.

Anonymous asked: What can I make of a guy that gives me mixed signals?


You can make a giant billboard that says “Stop giving me mixed signals.”

No but really just ask him what he wants. Maybe he isn’t sure what he wants either and asking him will make him think about it.

As a guy, I can tell you sometimes we don’t think. Sometimes we say things we don’t mean or don’t say things we do mean. We don’t always know what we want and what we need and sometimes we are just stupid.

Anonymous asked: Social anxiety is a problem. I'm trying to grow as a person and fully realize myself, but at this stage of my life it's the main thing holding me back. Help?


I get a lot of questions about social anxiety, shyness, and introversion and honestly those are the hardest questions for me to answer because I struggle with them too.

I really do wish I can help you but I can’t. I recently downloaded a FREE app called SAM or Self-help for Anxiety Management. It has a social section where you post up what makes you anxious. I posted there just to vent what I was feeling and never expected anyone to reply back. Then hours later someone did and with some of the best advice I ever got.

There is a lot more to the app then just that, like advice sections and calming techniques so I highly recommend giving it a shot.



In all honesty, the anxious part of me is glad it all fell short. But the passionate side of me hates that I can take pleasure in failure. The intelligent part of me is sick to my stomach how easily I let things take over my mind. And I am conflicted because I am happy and sad and content and furious.

I hate how I rationalize sometimes. I can fucking rationalize failing. I can fucking rationalize giving up. All for the sake of sanity and security. Maybe I am tired of it. I am tired of thinking and cheering myself up. I want to care. I don’t want to recover so easily. I want to feel that pain. I want to give a shit about anything besides myself.

When you are with me, do you really know me? I don’t know if anyone actually reads what I write but think about that honestly. When I am sitting next to you are you really talking to me or just a person mirroring you. Because I do that a lot. I don’t know what to say so I just ask questions in the flow of the conversation rather than what I really want to know. That infuriates me the most about myself. It’s like my consciousness is trapped in a robotic body on autopilot. Like no matter how loud I scream and yell, I am never heard. Like I am fucking watching my life from 3rd person perspective and yelling “Why the fuck is this dumb ass so boring and generic? I could have wrote a better character than that.”

There are times that I wish I could believe in God. Just so I had someone else to blame besides myself. So I can ask questions into the emptiness of existence rather than the loneliness of my consciousness. Sometimes I just want to go in the middle of a field and scream and stop containing myself.

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Drawing by me~! Please click on it for better quality.
This took a really long time but I’m happy with the result :3


Lol this drama is just too funny. I can’t take it seriously xD

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Anonymous asked: Filipinos are not considered Asian so you most likely offended your followers.


Filipinos are considered Asian and more likely than not if you ask a Filipino they would consider themselves Asian.

Please look up the anthropological and geological location of the Philippines and what is actually considered  the Pacific Islands. Because I know without a doubt you are wrong.

Anonymous asked: I've been friends with this guy for about 3 years and we have become so close. We talk about anything and everything. He's so sweet and caring. He always knows when I'm feeling down or I have something on my mind. The only thing is.. I fell so hard for him & I don't know if he'll feel the same.. Cause were such good friends Also I'm going away for college and he doesn't know at all. I just wish there was away to tell him. I don't know what to do. I really like him, I just don't wanna get hurt..


I still don’t see how you would even get hurt. You say you talk about everything and you’ve known him for three years, you should be able to trust him with the truth.

If you worry so much about potentially getting hurt you will be afraid to do anything and will only have regrets. Better to try and fail than to never try and wonder. If you trust someone, you are honest with them and have faith that they won’t intentionally hurt you. Do you trust him?

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[Zarina // “This Feeling”]


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