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Anonymous asked: Do you believe in donuts?


No. They are covert bagels in disguise from China meant to undermine the power of the pastry empire.

Anonymous asked: I don't think life is for me, I'm not being suicidal or anything but I feel like I'm behind in life and I don't know what I truly need to want.


You feel like you are behind because you are comparing yourself to other people.

But you know what, you are ahead of so many people and are even fortunate enough to have a computer and are fortunate to be alive. There are people in 3rd world countries and in war zones who cannot even think “I don’t think life is for me” because they are trying to survive. There are people who are sick and have misfortunes beyond their control and they still fight for life.

And you are telling me “I don’t think life is for me”? You are more fortunate than most, so stop comparing yourself to who you should be and start fighting for who you want to be.

[Also if you believe you are depressed or anything of that nature please consult a professional.]

Anonymous asked: So I don't believe in god, and I just had a child. My mom wants to get her blessed and go to church and all that but I don't know how to tell my mom that I don't want that for her. Once she's older if she wants to go to church that's fine. But I don't wanna force it on her. Any suggestions on how to tell my mom without getting into an argument?


I don’t think that that is possible.

Based on your belief that telling your mother may result in an argument, I assume your mother is rather adamant and zealous about her belief and that not blessing the child would go against what she believe. (But seriously if one believes God creates everything and knows everything why would you even need a blessing?)

I think you should just tell her calmly and straightforwardly that that is how you want to raise your child and to trust your judgement and respect your wishes. 

Personally, I wholehearted agree with how you want to go about raising your child and I wish I had better advice to give you, but best of luck.

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Anonymous asked: How do I stop myself from over thinking? I do it all the time and it's affecting my job.. can you please help?


I recently read the Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness and the main character uses a form of meditation to calm his thoughts. He recites the phrase “I am the Circle and the Circle is me” and I have been using that phrase to focus my mind when I feel like I am drifting or overthinking.

That phrase in itself means nothing without context and that series is one of my favorites and I highly recommend it. But yeah, I have been using that phrase to regather myself in situations where I’d normally detach myself from, like in social situation to which I find difficult. It’s rather hard to explain in words but if you read the book and try to understand the main character and their point of view you might understand what I am talking about more.

Anonymous asked: I'm a true believer in not just dating anyone and finding someone you truly love and who loves you for who you are but I'm worried I'll be too set on that and nobody will be good enough. So should I stay as I am or lower my standards just a bit to give myself some options?


I don’t believe you should phrase it to yourself as lowering your standards. I’d say you are giving people an opportunity to meet your standards.

You don’t really know a person till you get to know them and you won’t know anyone unless you give them a chance. Maybe you’ll find what you are looking for in someone you weren’t searching for.

Anonymous asked: My ldb knows I have a Tumblr but I never told him my name or anything and he's gotten upset with me about not sharing it with him. I just like having something that is simply mine and nobody else's. I promise I have nothing to hide but he basically pressured me to show it to him by the end of the year and is it wrong that I just want this to be mine with nobody I know knowing about it? Am I wrong to be a bit upset here? Thank you!


[For anyone reading I am pretty sure ldb = Long Distance Boyfriend; took me a while to get that]

You are not wrong to be upset. It’s about privacy. I equate it to having a cell phone that your boyfriend keeps wanting to look through. There may not be anything in such cell phone but he’s insecure and doesn’t trust you (perhaps).

Frankly if someone gave me an ultimatum like that it would piss me off too. You should have the right to privacy and honestly I think he’s kinda being an insecure bitch about it (no offense).

Anonymous asked: So, I failed some classes and I have to take them again to grad but the thing is my heart want's to go. I want to run away and say fuck it and do my own thing and never look back.. I just don't give a fuck.. I know it's stupid but I'm just not happy about where I am in my life. Please help me, I want to do the smart thing but I want happiness and I want to say fuck it because I don't really feel like I'm learning much their like at my job.


I’m not going to tell you being a college graduate (I assume) will make your life easier or that you’ll even learn anything applicable to the job you want. College isn’t for everyone and there are many ways to get to where you want to go (aside from requirements like a law degree or doctorate).

If you don’t think college is right for you, then do what you think is best for you. However I will say that if you are close to graduating, a little bit of suffering will make all the previous suffering at least have some value.

If you are planning to drop out of a college then make a plan and talk to other people who have experience in the field you desire.

Also ask yourself this:

-What are you in college for?

-What field of interest are you interested in working for?

-Does it require a college degree or any other specific educational requirements?

-What’s stopping you from getting into that field today?